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Residential and Office

Moving Boxes

It has been said that public speaking and moving are two things in life that people fear and dread the most. Whether its a large estate, a small apartment, or on site moving we've done them all. Strout Brothers Moving can make this stressful situation in life much more manageable.


If you were to look down through our Google reviews, fairly quickly you would see a common denominator in each of them. Our process and the care that we take in protecting not only your home but also your belongings has resulted in one happy customer after the other. We start the move by protecting door jams with padding, laying down floor runners, all while taking note of any obstacle that could result in damage. We then use thick moving pads on your furniture followed up with shrink wrap and tape. If an item has glass we might get more creative by using cardboard and then a combination of pads and bubble wrap.


This extra attention to detail along with many other traits has set us apart from the competition. We have become known as a company that takes great pride in our work and truly treats your things like our things. 

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