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Various Installations


We have made a name for ourselves by being a "one stop shop" if you will. Oftentimes one company will have a certain role in a job, the customer is then left to contact another company after that to finish the next step of the job. For example, if a moving company moves a large Sub Zero fridge, almost 10 times out of 10 they wont have knowledge of water lines and leveling mechanisms with the wheels underneath the unit. So then a plumber or an appliance company is called in to take it from there.

Maybe a safe is moved into a basement, more often than not that same company that moved it won't be doing the installation, drilling into the concrete and anchoring the safe to the floor. Many times we can do it all and save you the hassle of contacting multiple companies.

Whether it's breaking down, moving, setting up, refelting and leveling a pool table or mounting flat screen tv's to the wall, we have experience in many different areas.

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