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Our Tools and Equipment

We aren't the moving company that shows up with some moving pads, a hand truck hopefully and a few straps. Over the years we have put a lot of time and money into acquiring a vast array of equipment to make every job not only easier but more efficient as well.

When you hire Strout Brothers - Bucksport Piano Movers, we're approaching the job from a different angle than most. Everything from our trucks, to our specialized equipment and dollies to the way we protect your home is all well thought out in advance and ensures that damage and pitfalls are avoided. For example our box trucks are equipped with high capacity lift gates as well as ramps. We also have a very short 12ft box truck that can be maneuvered into the tightest of spots along with a 16ft box truck with 4 wheel drive for the rugged winter months.

If your move has stairs we have many different sized ramps to go over them. When dealing with large items, if we have to go over grass or rough terrain we have a giant 6 wheel all terrain dolly that will roll with ease. If there is crushed rock or anything that would impede our dolly tires, we come equipped with plywood cut into various sized pieces to lay down.

Did you know if you were to roll a heavy piano or safe on a dolly over carpet in your home it could permanently stretch and part the carpet leaving it ruined? We lay down thick moving pads with pieces of reinforced plywood over that to prevent this kind of damage. Especially with oversized items, every aspect of the move and potential hang up has to be accounted for.

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