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While many moving companies claim to be equipped to move a piano, that’s not always the case. Most moving companies will offer piano moving as a service but that's not to say every mover on the roster has the necessary experience. Pianos are heavy, valuable, and fragile, so you’ll want somebody with plenty of experience and the right tools.

Pianos can weigh anywhere from 300 to 1300 pounds. However, moving a piano isn’t just a weight issue. They have an unusual shape, various moving parts, upwards of 200 strings and uneven weight distribution to worry about. When moving a piano one needs to have knowledge of the instrument while also taking into account and understanding certain balance points and weight transfers of these large oversized items.

Piano moving is no problem for the Strout Brothers/Bucksport Piano Movers.

Various types of pianos that we regularly move are:

  • Baby Grands

  • Full Uprights

  • Square Pianos

  • Spinets

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